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Inspiration Board of the week: Yellow and Brown makes for a rustic wedding

For a country wedding,Go rustic. Hold your reception outdoors.Be one with nature. Flaunt your country girl/boy soul.

noelle west wedding ideas.jpg

M & Ms wrapped in burlap.Such a cool idea and,yes, cheap! You can add these to your table settings for a fun, informal look.


Jars of honey as wedding favors. How rustic can you get. and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't get thrown out afterwards


Shoes are sooo important. I would make sure guests saw these on my newly married feet at the reception party.


Yellow Roses and Dried Twigs on mason jars with raffia leaves as centerpieces.. I'm pretty sure your florist can whip this up on a tight budget.

butterfly yellow.jpg

This Butterfly Yellow Entourage set from Noelle West would go perfect with this theme

Available for rent online


Drift wood, dried twigs and Chrysanthemums centerpieces. Wooden chairs and stools for your guests. The chairs alone would make a great conversation piece for the event.


Sunflowers Bridesmaid bouquets. The Burlap ties make it perfect.


chocolate cupcakes with yellow buttercream icing. Yummy!

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